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LTI FotoMapr B100 GPS Module 3255066


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  • Model: FotoMaprB100
  • Manufactured by: Laser Technology

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The FotoMapr B100 GPS module works with any digital camera to enhance your photos with GPS coordinates, date, time, compass heading, and descriptive memos. Gone are the days of trying to remember or guess who took a certain photograph or when, where, and why it was taken. With FotoMapr, you can be confident that each and every photo contains complete and accurate information.

Product Highlights:

  • High-accuracy geotagging (1-3 meters)
  • Supports descriptive, user-defined memos
  • Universal compatibility (works with any digital camera)
  • Works with TruPulse laser range finders for object geotagging
  • GPS track-logs (record travel routes)
  • Multiple GPS formats (LAT/LONG, MGRS, UTM, State Plane, etc.)
  • Extremely light-weight and easy to operate
  • QuickMap software included for quick and easy photo mapping in Google Earth
  • Integrate your geotagged photos with popular GIS applications (e.g. ArcGIS, GeoSuite, FalconView, Palantir, Google Earth, etc.)