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GPS Truck Side Mounted Antenna Carry Bracket

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  • Model: OutRiggerGPS
  • Manufactured by: Outrigger

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STAKEMILL’s Outrigger is the side mounted truck rack designed to carry a GPS rod or a standard prism rod. 

Imagine the time you save never having to breakdown and reassemble your GPS rod.  Eliminate time wasted reattaching the rod bubble and faceplate, or more importantly, waiting to reacquire satellite lock!  Think about how convenient it would be to simply have your rod in the Outrigger and the faceplate/backpack in the cab.  You simply navigate to the next point, then simply get out of the truck, put on the backpack, and just go!

Since the rod doesn’t need to be broken down and stored in the back of your truck, there is far less wear and tear on your equipment.  No matter how careful you are, the rod and the receiver are always vulnerable to damage from bumps.  But when your gear is placed in the Outrigger, you are using the shock absorber of your truck more effectively.  Furthermore, you have the added safety feature of our rubber top end holder to better protect your rod and receiver from damage.

The same principles apply with conventional survey.  If used with a 360 prism and a robotic system, with the rod in the Outrigger, you can drive down the street or job site with the gun following, check your back site, then put the rod back in the Outrigger and drive to your staking destination.  The gun will be on your prism and ready to go.

STAKEMILL's Outrigger works well with all makes and models of pickup trucks. Its great with Silver Shield. The Outrigger fits a variety of GPS and Prism rods.

Our customer are very satisfied with our product. We invite you to read the testimonials sent to us. We are confident you will see how the Outrigger is the must have rack.