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NEDO E T R Laser Rod Easy To Read F687511-185


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  • Model: F687511-185
  • Manufactured by: NEDO

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Made in Switzerland

Save time on every CUT & FILL operation on the construction site. The Nedo ETR Laser Rod is the perfect accessory for your rotating laser to increase the efficiency of your work. The Nedo Easy-to-Read Laser Rod is perfect for grading, excavating, pouring concrete, establishing finished floor elevation, and more. With a measuring range of almost 17 feet this rod makes even the most complex job easy. In basic terms, this is a telescopic measuring stick with a built-in measuring tape that you can attach a laser receiver to. This allows you to then read the height of the receivers zero line above ground from the analog display. It is a great tool for every excavation job. 

Working with the ETR Laser Rod is child's play:

  1. Attach laser receiver to ETR Laser Rod
  2. Position detector in plane of rotating laser by means of telescopic sections
  3. Read off height on analog display of ETR Laser Rod when detector emits a continuous tone

A measuring range of almost 17' facilitates even complex excavating jobs. Your rotating laser and the Nedo ETR Laser Rod are a perfect match to cut your costs and fill your needs.

Nedo ETR Laser Rod is perfect for:

  • Grading
  • Excavating
  • Building concrete floors


  • Extra strong, anodized aluminum profiles
  • Integral measuring tape
  • Integral circular bubble for upright set up
  • Display at eye level
  • Extended length adjustable with thumb screws
  • Easy to use
  • Proven durable design
  • Quality made in Switzerland



  • Scale: feet & 10ths
  • Measuring range: 4.5' to 16.96'
  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • One Year Manufacturers Warranty