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MicroSurvey OfficeSync

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How do we do it? With an advanced combination of technologies that can be efficiently used to solve a complex problem. Digital Cellular technology is commonplace. Most surveying data collection devices are based on Windows CE. Put those together with a custom designed Internet based transfer server, and you have an asynchronous solution that fits surveyors.

Digital transfer speeds make sending the average data file quick. Our internet server running on Windows .NET technology combined with an SQL backend database is the engine that keeps track of your data. With extensive reporting, you know who was sent what. You know if they got it, and whether they sent it back. There is no searching through emails to try to put together a record of what happened. Our system is secure, and designed for Surveyors.

OfficeSync Saves Time, Big Time View the Movies!

OfficeSync protects your company from the costs incurred by those unexpected trips that kill productivity and cost you money: If the crew needs a revised stakeout plan they can get it from the office in less than a minute. Finished early? Upload the next job and keep your crews working. Not sure if you took enough shots? Get your CAD operator to do a quick check while you are still on site. Does your best customer need that topo right away? No problem. As soon as the job is done you can just Sync Back & Relax.

If you can avoid one trip back to the office in a month OfficeSync will quickly pay for itself in hard costs alone. OfficeSync provides a significant return on investment in both productivity and convenience. Whether you are a small company or a major enterprise, OfficeSync will help you get more out of your day.

Works with any software

OfficeSync is software independent. Whether you use TDS, Trimble, Carlson, MicroSurvey, or any other data collection software, OfficeSync will work for you. All you need is a device that runs Windows CE or Pocket PC. If you are using On-Board collection in your total station or GPS receiver, you can often send the data by inserting the Compact Flash card into an inexpensive PDA for the data transfer.

OfficeSync is a wireless service that uses the Internet and cellular networks to transfer files through a secure dedicated server. The package includes a small carry-anywhere field kit containing a high-speed cellular modem. When you connect your data collector to the field kit, OfficeSync connects automatically. It couldn't be easier. One look at the main screen on the data collector shows how easy we have made OfficeSync .

In the field, crews use OfficeSync to wirelessly receive jobs from the office, download job setup files, access customer information, collect and validate work results, report work status, upload completed job files, and query their office for additional information as required. Crews no longer need to travel to the office. Survey data is transmitted back to the office within minutes of completing the job.

In the office, engineers and managers use OfficeSync on their desktop computers to upload job data from the field, manage jobs, and survey crews; and perform administration activities.

MicroSurvey OfficeSync

OfficeSync is comprised of three software applications each having a separate install.

Field Connect is installed on your hand-held data collectors, or a simple PDA if you are transferring files from On-Board collection

Office Manager is installed on your project manager's or administrator's PC

Job Monitor is installed on any PC where engineers, technicians or draftspersons may need to send and receive job data to and from the field crews.

Once installed, each of these applications communicates via the Internet to the OfficeSync Gateway. The gateway is a central data repository located on a secure server administered by MicroSurvey Software. The gateway serves as stopover for data as it is uploaded and downloaded between the office and field crews.


The OfficeSync wireless data service includes all support ing software and communication hardware. There is no requirement to have an existing cellular voice or data plan to use our service.

OfficeSync modems operate on the Verizon network in the United States and the Telus network in Canada. Both networks employ a digital "1x" CDMA infrastructure, providing the fastest transfer speeds and the most widespread coverage available.

Please check for coverage availablity in your area.
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