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Tripod Adapter 5/8-11 to 1/2-20 Thread Converter


  • Model: 61-2509
  • Manufactured by: CST

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Technical Details

Quick removal thread adapter

Converts 5/8-11 tripods for using 1/2-20 instruments

Includes aluminum washer to allow a 4 screw instrument to level on a tripod with a large opening

Product Description

Simply place washer on tripod to cover large opening, thread adapter into instrument, set instrument on tripod and thread original bell mount into new adapter.

A two piece unit, we recommend you use a fine wire or monofilament line to attach washer to instrument so you do not loose it. Place thread locker on the 1/2x20 to 5/8x11 thread adapter if your instrument case will allows lid to close while attached.