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Spectra Precision 24X Air Dampened Auto Level Package Inches

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  • Model: AL24A-2
  • Manufactured by: Spectra Precision

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Spectra Precision 24X Air Dampened Auto Level Package

The Spectra Precision 24X Air Dampened Auto Level AL24A-1 Packages are designed for a variety of elevation control and alignment tasks including general building construction, cut and fill measurements, area leveling, and landscaping. Each package features a durable Aluminum Tripod, and an Aluminum Grade Rod which is available in 16 Feet with Graduations in Tenths (AL24A-1), 16 Feet with Graduations in Inches (AL24A-2), or 5 Meters with Graduations in Metric (Al24A-3) in addition to the Spectra Precision 24X Air Dampened Auto Level AL24A which features reliable automatic compensators to ensure stability and accuracy in the line of sight. In addition, the telescope optics on the auto level are bright and clear providing sharp images for ease of viewing, a short focusing distance provides for better performance in tight spots or on steep slopes, stadia lines on the reticle make distance calculations easy and the horizontal scale directly below the eyepiece makes angle measurement quick and convenient.

AL24A Auto Level Features:

  • 24X magnification and air-dampened compensators
  • The removable top cover makes access to the compensator easy
  • Comes with an endless tangent drive, tilting mirror for easy viewing of the leveling vial and a peep sight collimator for quick pointing
  • Accurate to 1/16-inch per 100 feet (in good weather conditions)

AL24A Auto Level Specifications:

  • Magnification: 24x
  • Objective Diameter: 30 mm
  • Field of View Angle: 1  degree 20'
  • Shortest Focusing Distance: 0.6 m
  • Stadia Constant: 100
  • Additive Constant: 0
  • Compensator Dampening: Air
  • Compensator Range: +/-15'
  • Compensator Setting Accuracy: <0.5"
  • Double Run Leveling per 1 km: 2 mm
  • Circular Vial Accuracy: 8/2 mm
  • Horizontal Circle: 1 degree
  • Base Plate: 5/8 x 11
  • Weight: 3.50 lb (1.60 kg)
  • Color: Yellow

Each Package Includes:

  • AL24A Auto Level
  • High-quality, impact resistant padded carrying case
  • Allen wrench
  • Rain cover
  • Plumb bob
  • Aluminum tripod (model #5301-25-BLK)
  • 16-Foot Aluminum Grade Rod

Tripod (model #5301-25-BLK) Features:

  • The tripod accommodates 5/8 x 11 instruments and are designed for all types of jobs
  • The telescopic Aluminum (Round) legs allow for setup to extend to 65 in (1.60 m)
  • Features a Quick Clamp and a Triangle/Flat head
  • Black Hardware
  • Weighs 7.00 lb (3.18 kg)

Grade Rod Included in AL24A-2 Package (Model #7301-50) Features:

  • This 5-section aluminum leveling rod is made of a light and durable alloy
  • The telescopic sections are anodized and silk-screened with moisture-resistant ink
  • Each rod section uses sturdy polycarbonate buttons that lock each section when extended; the height gauge is on the back side
  • The rod is 16.4 ft length and uses 10ths graduations
  • Each rod includes a special level and protective bag
  • Weighs 3.50 lb (1.60 kg)