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21 Inch 4x5 Imprinted Wire Flag (1000pcs)

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  • Model: WIREIMPRINT 21-4X5M
  • Manufactured by: Presco

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4X5 WIRE FLAG 21" wire stem (10x100 pcs) Our high-quality Solid Color Custom Imprinted Marking Flags are ideal for aboveground marking in a variety of industries. From utility construction to line locating, hardware to forestry, landscaping and lawn care to pet containment - these flags ensure consistent communication and long-lasting visibility for your project.

We can custom print Marking Flags, Barricade Tape or Roll Flagging with your logo, company information or other custom artwork on it. To ensure the best possible reproduction of your art, please read the following artwork specifications. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Both Mac and PC file formats are acceptable.

Supported Programs:

Adobe Illustrator (must be created in Illustrator)
Adobe Photoshop
Macromedia Freehand
Microsoft Word
Micorsoft Publisher
Corel Draw

Supported Formats:
vector or line art (*.ai, *.eps, *.wmf, *.cdr)
image file (jpeg, tiff, bmp), 200 dpi or greater

Scanned Images:
Scan in as grayscale, 300dpi at desired size
(see template to the left for size limitations)

Convert all fonts to outlines, or provide font(s)
associated with file. If you cannot provide the
actual font file, please include the font name.

Submitting Artwork:
You can submit artwork to Stakemill by either emailing us at sales, or by sending us a CD (mac or pc format) with the artwork and all supporting files to:
attn. Online Art Department
6060 126th Ave
Largo, FL 33773

  If your artwork is unavailable in any of the formats listed above, then please submit one of the following:
-Camera Ready Art, Logo Slick or Photostat

-Mail or FedEx a clean business card or other sample piece of printed material (Artwork printed in black ink only will work best for reproduction)

Live print area for Marking Flags

The following images are not to scale and are only meant to give an idea of the space your artwork or message takes up on the flag.

4x5 flag with a 3" x 3.5" live print area

  1. Buried Fiber Optic 65. Danger Open Hole  
  2. Buried Fiber Optic Cable 66. Danger Peligro  
  3. Buried Fiber Optic Cable Below 67. Danger Tree No Work Zone  
  4. Buried Fiber Optics Below 68. Danger! Trap Keep Away!  
  5. Buried Fiber Optics Line 69. Fiber Optic  
  6. Buried Fire Alarm 70. Fiber Optic Cable  
  7. Buried Gas 71. Fire Ants!  
  8. Buried Gas Line 72. Fire Mail Water Supply  
  9. Buried Natural Gas Line 73. For Your Safety Hand Dig Danger Buried Electric Cable  
  10. Buried Reclaimed Water Line 74. Gas  
  11. Buried Sewer Line 75. Gas Caution Buried Pipeline Hand Dig Only  
  12. Buried Storm Sewer 76. Gas Installation  
  13. Buried Water 77. Gas Line  
  14. Buried Water Line 78. Gas Line Buried Below  
  15. Buried Water Line Below 79. Gas Route Keep Clear 10' Radius  
  16. Catv Fiber Optic 80. High Pressure Gas  
  17. Caution 81. Natural Gas  
  18. Caution (Ant Picture) Fire Ants 82. Natural Gas Line  
  19. Caution Buried Cable 83. No Water  
  20. Caution Buried Cable Tv 84. No Water Line Below  
  21. Caution Buried Catv 85. Proposed Excavation Route Gas  
  22. Caution Buried Drain Tile Hand Dig Only 86. Proposed Gas Construction  
  23. Caution Buried Electric 87. Proposed Gas Line  
  24. Caution Buried Electric Cable 88. Proposed Gas Line Location  
  25. Caution Buried Electric Line 89. Public Works  
  26. Caution Buried Electrical Cable 90. Reclaimed Water  
  27. Caution Buried Electrical Dog Fence 91. Reclaimed Water Hand Dig  
  28. Caution Buried Fiber 92. Rural Water  
  29. Caution Buried Fiber Optic Cable 93. Set Gas Meter Here  
  30. Caution Buried Fiber Optic Lines Please Hand Dig 94. Sewer  
  31. Caution Buried Gas 95. Sewer Line Below  
  32. Caution Buried Gas Line 96. Sewer Line Buried Below  
  33. Caution Buried Gas Pipeline 97. Underground Gas Line Before Digging Call ?
  34. Caution Buried Gas Pipeline Hand Dig 98. Underground Sewer Utility  
  35. Caution Buried Gasline Hand Dig 99. Warning Buried Fiber Optic Cable  
  36. Caution Buried Pipeline 100. Warning Buried Fiber Optic Cable Below  
  37. Caution Buried Power 101. Warning Buried Gas Line  
  38. Caution Buried Power Cable 102. Warning Fiber Optic  
  39. Caution Buried Telephone Cable 103. Warning Fiber Optic Cable  
  40. Caution Fiber Optic Cable 104. Waste Water  
  41. Caution Fiber Optic Cable Below 105. Water  
  42. Caution Fiber Optic Cable Buried Below 106. Water All Plants Immediately Daily  
  43. Caution Gas Line 107. Water Line  
  44. Caution Gas Line Below 108. Water Line Below  
  45. Caution Irrigation Line Buried Below 109. Water Line Buried Below  
  46.Caution Natural Gas 110. Water Line Hand Dig  
  47. Caution Pesticide Application 111. Water Main  
  48. Caution Poison Oak 112. Water Main Below  
  49. Caution Research Site 113. Water Meter  
  50. Caution Sensitive Lines Nearby 114. Water Meter Don't Bury  
  51. Caution Sewer Line Below 115. Water Meter Installation  
  52. Caution Telecom Fiber Optic Cable Hand Dig 116. Warning  
  53. Caution Underground Powerline 117. Warning Pesticide Applied  
  54. Caution!!! Aviso!!! Wildlife Control Trapping In Progress 118. Warning Underground Power Lines  
  55. City Sewer 119. Warning Buried Telephone Cable Below  
  56. City Water 120. Warning Buried Cable  
  57. County Sewer 121. Warning Buried Gas Line  
  58. Danger 122. Warning Natural Gas Pipeline  
  59. Danger Buried Electric Line 123. Warning Fiber Optic  
  60. Danger Buried Electrical Cable 124. Warning Fiber Optic Cable  
  61. Danger Buried Gas Line 125. Warning Underground Electric Cable  
  62. Danger Electric Cable 126. Warning Buried Cable Below  
  63. Danger Fire Ants 127. Warning Buried Fiber Optic Cable  
  64. Danger Keep Off 128. Warning Buried Traffic Signal Cable  

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