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DataMax Bracket

This revolutionary system can mount to a pole or a tripod. The position can be altered to up to twenty-six positions to fit your needs. Conventional metal data collector holders can cause irreparable damage to poles by repeated tightening or over-tightening of the clamp to the same postion on the pole. The Data-Max's patented clamping system is designed to grasp the pole or tripod securely without harm. This is accomplished with the use of elastomeric materials, a large, uniform clamping area and a knob that is designed to help prevent over-tightening. Patented design allows for the user to choose one of twenty-six viewing points for their data collector. The connection to a pole, tripod or within a vehicle is quick and easy. The Data-Max is constructed of lightweight, high-strength composite materials and comes with a one-year warranty. Right-handed? Left-handed? The unique design allows for the Data-Max to be used either way by simply reversing the cradle position. The Data-Max can be easily mounted to a pole or a tripod. It can also be mounted on the dashboard of a vehicle or in an ATV. The Data-Max is constructed of materials that yield a very strong and stable platform and do not interfere with Bluetooth communications like metal data collector mounts.