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Hand-Held Laser Reciever CR1-I (Interior)


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  • Model: CR1-I
  • Manufactured by: Futtura

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CR1-1 (Interior)

Specifications: CR1-I

Reception Range

250′ (75m)

Accuracy: Fine

+/-1/32″ (+/-0.75 mm)

Accuracy: Medium

Accuracy: Coarse

Direction Height

1.5″ (38mm)


Beeper Volume: High

100 db

Beeper Volume: Low

65 db

Display Channels


Marking Notch Offset

25 mm

Remote Display Outputs


Battery LIfe: Normal

210 hrs.

Battery LIfe: Continuous

70 hrs.


2 Years

Totally waterproof and dust proof (IP67)
LED’s indicate grade position
Includes lanyard and built-in magnets
Reception Range: 250′ (75 m)
Accuracy: +/-1/32″ (+/-0.75mm)
Detection Height 1.5″ (38mm)
Beeper Volume: High 100db, Low 65db
Display Channels: 3
Marking Notch Offset: 25mm
Battery Life: Normal 210 hrs, Continuous 70 hrs
Warranty: 2 years