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SECO Rebar Bolt with Female M12 Threads


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  • Model: 6602-02
  • Manufactured by: SECO

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The 19.05 x 251.46 mm (3/4 x 9.9 inch) Rebar Bolt is used to anchor SECO tilting reflectors (or the #6600-04 Tilting Mini Prism) in soft materials like sandstone.

The Rebar Bolt comes with a hex bolt on one side. Pound the Rebar Bolt in to the soft material with the hex bolt facing out. When the Rebar Bolt is in place, remove the hex bolt to expose the M12 threads. Screw in the SECO #6601-02 Swiss-style Quick-Release Adapter and attach your choice of SECO Tilting Reflector (or the #6600-04 Tilting Mini Prism).