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Visitors can request the name and address of distributors in their area.  We make sure our sites are submitted in search engines.  This allows customers to locate their local Colonial Wood Products distributor.

Wholesale Construction Stakes & Lath

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48" 2X2             48" 1X2             48" 1X1             48" LATH
36" 2X2             36" 1X2             36" 1X1             36" LATH
24" 2X2             24" 1X2             18" 1X1             24" LATH
18" 2X2             18" 1X2                           
12" 2X2             12" 1X2             

48" 2X4             48" 1X4                                     48" DOT

18" #4               18" #5               24" #5


MASONITE                                   LUAN

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Have a location that you think is just right to resell our wood survey stakes and lath?  Simply fill out the form below and submit it to our sales team for review.  We still have plenty of locations left, if your area is not currently serviced by a full stocking distributor we will be glad to discuss setting you up as a distributor.  Good business goes where it is invited, great business stays where it is welcomed.

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Product Training

Most executives agree, success or failure is determined by how well you sell. Personal success may also be determined by winning at sales. You can't sell a product effectively without first knowing it.  Traditional sales training may be expensive or inconvenient. Reading sales books can be boring and lacks the dynamics of the real world. That's why we have introduced Colonial Wood Products new training facility "Wood U". These course's are great for beginners or experts alike. Best of all, they are free training program's for our current customers. New classes start all the time, call for more info today.

Colonial Wood Products offers in house product training throughout the year.  Send your key staff and buying personnel to one of our courses free of charge.  What better way to introduce your sales staff, new employees and purchasing agents then by bringing them to a product training course.

Check schedule below or contact us today.

Date              Time       Room       Course Description
   Open          10:00 am   Wood U     Cut Above Concept
Understanding the differences between a capable supplier and a promise supplier--Having wood stakes in stock and allowing you to concentrate on your work vs. listening to promises by inadequate stake suppliers.

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