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Sewer Invert Measuring Mic and Grade Rod in 10ths

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  • Model: PipeMic2SVR2510ths
  • Manufactured by: ChrisNik

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Includes a Chrisnik Pipe Mic 2 and SECO SVR 25 in 10ths


Patent Pending and Pronounced "Pipe Mike", measurements are more accurate because you are measuring with a vertically plumb rod. New round foot design slices through material at bottom of pipe and insures accurate invert and pipe diameter measurement. By pulling a pin you can go from zero to 1 foot vertical offset for clearance under rod.

Made for Crain 25' SVR and USL rods (rod not included). Made of lightweight (two pounds) non rusting aircraft aluminum. No tools needed to attach to rod. Slides on and off rod in seconds. 24" measuring arm can be extended to 36" by adding 1ft extension (extension sold separately).

To use, you can direct read the depth of the invert when the pin is set at "zero offset" on the Pipe Mic. If you need clearance under rod to measure an invert move the pin to "1' vertical offset hole" If you need clearance under rod and a pipe that is hard to reach you can add a 3 foot extension (3 ft. extension sold separately). Move pin to "1' vertical offset w/3' extension" hole

Download a Stakemill worksheet for the PipeMic


To size a pipe, the foot is 0.33 or 4". Take the reading from the rim, pull up and take reading plus 0.33 and that is your pipe size.

4" Pipe = 0.00 movement
6" Pipe = 0.17
8" Pipe = 0.33
10" Pipe = 0.50
12" Pipe = 0.67

SECO SVR 25 98010 in 10ths (Formely Crain Enterprises) Now a Trimble Company

The SVR 25' SVR (10ths) heavy-duty level grade rod is constructed of strong reinforced fiberglass and its rectangular-oval shape is designed for the serious user. Scales are glare resistant and protected by an abrasion resistant coating. A special measuring scale on the backside permit users to read height at eye level. The tight locking mechanism features round buttons that resist jamming from sand and dirt. The top of the rod has a female 1/4" x 20 thread for attaching accessories.

The SVR has a rectangular-oval shape, and is flat on the front and back with round corners. This convenient shape prevents the scale from rolling, making observation much easier. The rod is also water-proof, corrosion-resistant, and non-conductive.

Special Measuring Scale:

The SVR rod has a measuring scale on the back (with the exception of the two-scaled rods) that allow the user to read overall height measurements at eye level, which is useful in making clearance and height measurements. Also on the back-side with the measuring scale, there are alternate 1' red and white markings that are suitable for stadia purposes.

Improved Locking Mechanism:

The newly redesigned locking mechanism now features round buttons. Tight and accurate, the lock is specifically designed to resist jamming from sand and dirt.