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About Us

Our Mission - To provide superior services to our Clients by attracting and retaining the best talent in the industry. We expect to exceed the expectations of our Clients on every sale, and generate a business environment where the Quality of Service is the deciding factor in conducting business along with providing a Superior Product.

Since 1978 Stakemill has manufactured wood stakes for land surveyors and construction companies. Originally working from a garage, two land surveyors supplied customers originally in Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota, Hillsborough, Pasco and Polk counties. Quickly outgrowing their home location, they relocated in a Largo industrial center off 118th Avenue. For the next 10 years the customer base grew and they acquired the saws from other stake companies over time in a largely oversupplied industry.

From there Bay Pines Investments purchased the ever-growing company, which had a strong reputation in the industry as a reliable supplier. As the industry grew, so did our locations, as we acquired more stake producing companies we took over another large stake operation in Ocala, Florida known as Colonial Wood Products allowing us to once again add numerous customers, strengthening the prior Grade Stakes and Stakes Alive acquisitions. 

With these two commercial facilities and the numerous operations acquired, our customers knew we were more than a backyard business and not someone cutting stakes next to their mobile home with port-a-lets and a dirt parking lot. With the increase in customer base we once again expanded our Largo facility by adding 4,000 square feet of storage space, a daily shipping department, future repair workshop, added numerous delivery flatbed trucks and adding a full line of field supplies and instruments. We then added a retail walk-in showroom at our Largo facility displaying instruments, tripods, prisms, radios, poles, tools and other field supplies along with adding e-commerce to our popular website - Our website is now used by customers all over the world thanks to our international shipping ability.

Over the last twenty years our web site has gone through as many changes as our operation did. From our original e-commerce site where there were no images, one line descriptions and every item was in a drop down box our new site caters to almost 20,000 customers, offers over 4,500 products from over 50 different vendors, has multiple shipping choices, payment checkout choices and even an international checkout for our overseas customers. Desiring to be leaders in our industry we looked to the expertise of web designers and e-commerce solution suppliers to develop one of the largest online surveyor supply web sites around. While a lot of others were simply uploading their catalog as a PDF file they were not allowing for market price changes, whereas we have a dynamic driven page operating in real time, all of this requires a team of dedicated employees working every day from morning till dusk, even on weekends. We even allow you to enter your custom imprinted text for rebar cap and survey control washer orders right online, speeding up the order processing time required, while we do not claim to be the first to do anything, we just want to be the best at what we do.

January 2019 - Stakemill has moved to a larger facilty with three times the parking - We are now located 2.2 miles from our last location and the original facility from the 1980's.  We can now be found at 10741 Endeavour Way, Suite D, Largo FL 33777.  Just off Bryan Dairy between 66th St and Belcher Road.

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