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David White Automatic Level AL8-26 Package Tenths 45-8926-1

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  • Model: 45-D8926K-1T
  • Manufactured by: David White
  • Ship Lead Days: 10

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Includes 12.5 ft Aluminum grade rod in Tenths, Level & Aluminum Tripod

Features & Applications:

The David White Auto Level Kit from CST/Berger features lockout device to protect compensator during transport. Magnetically dampened compensator ensures accurate reading every time. Holds line of sight within +/-15 arc minutes of level. Infinite tangent screws; built-in peep sight for rough sighting. Larger aperture allows more light for a sharper image. Three level screws and circular bulls eye bubble make leveling easy. Horizontal circle graduated to the nearest degree for turning 90s.


  • 26X Automatic Level
  • 3/32-in.(2.4mm) at 100-ft.(30m) leveling accuracy
  • Up to 200-ft.(60m)
  • Lock-out device
  • Large aperture
  • Wire-hung magnetically dampened compensator- within +/-15 arc minutes of level
  • Built-in sighting scope and bubble vial
  • Soft control knobs
  • Horizontal circle
  • Infinite tangent screw
  • Limited 2 year warranty


  • Extension-leg flat head aluminum tripod
  • 12.5 Ft Aluminum leveling rod graduated in feet/10ths
  • Carrying case