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Coolcharger Cog Belt Gates PowerGrip 375 5M 35K


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  • Model: HTD3755M35K
  • Manufactured by: Gates
  • Ship Lead Days: 10

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Dyno-Proven Products CoolCharger
kevlar replacement cog belts
for DPPI Super Charger

Possible Powerdyne fitment?

Need to fix that broken belt? We have plenty of Gates PoerGrip HTD 375 5M 35K Kevlar belts in stock. These are hard to find, even rumored to be discontinued, so why not buy a spare.

Fits the CoolCharger used by DPPI on their factory GM dealer kits. I have personally used a few of these on my Escalade XS500 that has had numerous mods, a liquid intercooler, larger fuel injectors and a reprogramed ECU for the last few years.