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SECO Claw Ball-and-Socket Clamp Plain 5200-160


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  • Model: 5200-160
  • Manufactured by: SECO
  • Ship Lead Days: 10

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The Claw Series Quick-Release Pole Clamps

The Claw Series is designed to not allow the user to overtighten the clamp screw and crush or crack the pole.

The clamping function is limited so over-tightening cannot occur.

These clamps are compatible with our existing cradle mounts for most popular data controllers.

SECO offers two clamp styles, traditional quick release or ram ball, to meet each users needs.

The clamps are designed to fit a pole diameter of 1.25 in (32 mm).


  • These Claw clamps are also made of durable anodized aluminum
  • The Claw technology allows maximum tightening without crushing
  • The Ball-and-Socket versions allow a collector to be in more positions
  • Customize your own solution with these components
  • Ball-and-Socket Cradle (1-inch ram ball, designed for 1.25 inch OD poles)
  • Plain with 1 inch Ball
  • Weighs 0.31 lb (0.14 kg)