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Spectra Precision ProMark 220 PM120 External Antenna Cable Only

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  • Model: 702058
  • Manufactured by: Spectra Precision
  • Ship Lead Days: 10

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NEW Spectra Part 702058-S

OEM Antenna

Using an external GPS antenna with a Spectra Precision MobileMapper, Ashtech ProMapper or Magellan ProMark GPS receiver has many advantages.  It can provide enhanced signal reception in those areas where the GPS signal is attenuated due to surrounding obstructions.  Most external GPS antennas will have an encapsulated preamplifier to boost the satellite signal strength seen by the GPS receiver.  If you already have the external GPS antenna or if you plan to buy one, then you will definitely need one of these cables.

Length: 5 feet

Compatible with Spectra GPS receivers

  MobileMapper 120
  ProMark 120
  ProMark 220

Compatible with Ashtech GPS receivers

  MobileMapper 100
  Promark 100
  ProMark 200

Compatible with Magellan GPS receivers

  MobileMapper CX
  MobileMapper CE