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SECO 2.5-Meter CF GPS Rover Pole Fixed Tip Metric Grad 5129-51

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  • Model: 5129-51
  • Manufactured by: SECO
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SECO telescoping poles are designed to give the GPS surveyor all the features needed in a single pole. They are ideal for kinematic surveys. They have a 0 H.T. (zero height, generic for all users.)

The lightweight carbon fiber composite and aluminum construction make the poles 30% lighter than similar prism poles.

Stainless steel locking pin engages in selected hole in the graduated inner to guarantee no slipping or change in length of the pole.

The pole uses SECO’s TLV lock, which contains a 40-minute vial. It locks at 1.8, 2 and 2.2 meters.

The 5129-51 has metric (2mm) graduations. It collapses to 1.4 meters and extends to 2.5 meters.