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SECO Heavy-Duty GPS Antenna Tripods 5119-10-YEL

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  • Model: 5119-10-YEL
  • Manufactured by: SECO
  • Ship Lead Days: 10

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The 5119-10-XXX is similar to the popular SECO 5119-00-XXX, but stronger. This heavy-duty tripod features a 6-inch-diameter, round head which easily holds lasers or robots.

It’s larger telescoping legs (1.25- to 1.50-inch diameters) feature adjustable handle bolts on the leg pivots which creates greater stability. And, no tools are needed to set the leg pivot tension!

The #5119-11-XXX has the same standard features as the #5119-10-XXX but includes precise adjusters to make centering the 10-minute vial easier. The adjusters provide fine leg extension, a range of +/- 0.25-inch from the center line. It’s like having leveling screws for a tripod!

The #5119-12-XXX is identical to the #5119-11-XXX with the addition of double leg points (shown below). Dual points create more bite in the ground and minimize the chance for twisting. Double points are useful with angle measuring instruments such as robots.
All three models are suitable for GPS and machine-control applications.
Weighs approx. 20 lb (9.07 kg)
Box dimensions 81x10x9