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LR-PRO Series F/G Rods LR Pro 45 90026

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  • Model: 90026
  • Manufactured by: Crain Enterprises, Inc

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LR Series Leveling Rods

The LR Standard and LR Pro Series leveling rods have stood up to hard field use for thirty-plus years. Strong, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and nonconductive, the STD and PRO Series leveling rods are the most durable.

  • The Standard Series (STD) is lightweight, yet strong, smaller in diameter, and easier to handle.
  • The Professional Series (PRO) has larger diameter sections and is sturdier at greater heights.
  • Round shape gives added strength and handles best in windy conditions.
  • LR Series has sections that telescope smoothly from a sturdy base and are tightly fitted to minimize sway when extended.
  • Internal stop mechanism prevents overextension of sections.
  • Scale graduations are easy to read, wear-protected, and glare-resistant.
  • Positive locking mechanism of spring-loaded buttons securely lock sections into position.
  • 5/8 X 11 threaded female adapter in the top section.
  • Carrying case included as standard equipment with the PRO Series and available for purchase separately with the STD Series.
  • Both STD and PRO Series rods have a one-year warranty.

The top section of any LR Series leveling rod is equipped with a 5/8 x 11adapter.

Carrying cases come standard with the PRO Series Leveling Rods and are available as an accessory with the STD Series Leveling Rods.

There are no brackets available to fit the LR Series Leveling Rods. See our SVR/USL Series or our CR Series Leveling Rods if bracket attachment is needed.

Disassembly is simple. Start by taking the screws out of the base section. Then let the other sections slide down through the bottom of the outside section. At the next section, you will need to punch the pins through and pull out the plug (NOTE: the plug is spring loaded and could pop your eye). Proceed with the next section the same way.

# of Sections
Collapsed Length
LR-STD 25' 90004 90009 90014
LR-PRO 25'
LR-PRO 35'
LR-PRO 45'
78 3/4"



The collapsed length of the LR-STD-25 is 70 inches.



Base Section

Top Section

Diameter of Base Section


Feet, Tenths, Hundredths

Feet, Inches, Eighths



1-5/8 inches

LR-STD-7.5 M

Meters, Decimeters, Centimeters, .5 centimeters



1-5/8 iches


Feet, Tenths, Hundredths



2 inches


Feet, Tenths, Hundredths



2-3/16 inches


Feet, Tenths, Hundredths



2-3/16 inches

SOKKIA 065012