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25 Ft SVR Grade Rod for Pipe Mic 10ths & 10ths 172510

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  • Model: 172510
  • Manufactured by: ChrisNik
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Made exclusively for the PIPE-MIC II (98017)

Our SVR Series Leveling Rods have a rectangular-oval shape, flat on the front and back with round corners. This convenient shape prevents the scale from rolling, making observation much easier. The rods are also water-proof, corrosion-resistant, and non-conductive.

The SVR Series rods have a measuring scale on the back (with the exception of the two-scaled rods) that allow the user to read overall height measurements at eye level, which is useful in making clearance and height measurements. Also on the back-side with the measuring scale, there are alternate red and white markings that are suitable for stadia purposes.

The newly redesigned locking mechanism now features round buttons. Tight and accurate, the lock is specifically designed to resist jamming from sand and dirt.

Disassembly is quick and easy. Simply press the lock buttons and pull the sections out. To further disassemble, a Phillips screwdriver is needed.

The thread in the top section of the SVR is 1/4 x 20, but can be adapted to 5/8 x 11 by purchasing an adapter.

Brackets are needed to attach laser sensors to the SVR Series.

Reading the Measuring Scale: To read the measuring scale on the USL, the height measurement is read at the top of the base section. To read the measuring scale on the New and Original SVR, the height measurement is read at the top of the first unextended section.