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Crain SVR 25 Base Section 0-5' 10ths 53.25" in length Round Hole

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  • Model: 98306
  • Manufactured by: SECO
  • Ship Lead Days: 10

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Replacement Bottom section for Crain SVR-25 series Grade Rods 10ths (98010) with ROUND HOLES ONLY produced after 2009

All replacement sections are shipped complete with end cap. New SVR rods can be differentiated from original model by the new round locking button design and shorter collapsed length of 58-1/2” (25' SVR Model).  This section is 53.25" in lenght, the screening on this section ends at 4 feet 4-1/2 tenths.  If you no longer have the lower section the second section starts at 4 feet and 4 tenths, if your SVR section reads numbers other than this you have the early edition and no replacment parts/sections are available.

Does not include any springs or buttons

Minimum requirement item

98301    New SVR-25′ 10ths #1 Top Section (21′-25′)
98302    New SVR-25′ 10ths #2 Section (17′-21′)
98303    New SVR-25′ 10ths #3 Section (13′-17′)
98304    New SVR-25′ 10ths #4 Section (9′-13′)
98305    New SVR-25′ 10ths #5 Section (5′-9′)

98306    New SVR-25′ 10ths #6 Base Section (0-5′)