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Spectra Precision AL Series 28X Auto Level


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  • Model: AL28A
  • Manufactured by: Spectra Precision
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28x magnification
2-foot minimum focusing distance
1/16 inch accuracy
0.5 arc-second compensator accuracy
360-degree horizontal circle
Air dampened compensator
Double-sided, continuous horizontal tangent drives
Bubble mirror for easy viewing of the leveling vial
Removable top cover
Metal housing and water resistant construction
5/8-11 tripod thread

Built for surveyors, engineers and construction professionals, the Spectra 28X Automatic Level with Air Dampened Compensator delivers accurate horizontal plane and angle measurements. Accurate up to 1/6 inch, this optical instrument provides quick setup and easy sighting, making it perfect for elevation control and alignment tasks, such as general building construction, cut and fill measurements, area leveling and landscaping.

Air Dampened Compensator

This Spectra auto level features an air dampened compensator that allows you to achieve the highest accuracy for monitoring and long range leveling applications. This survey and construction tool has a short focusing distance of 2 feet, providing better performance in confined spaces. Its telescope also provides bright, clear and sharp images for ease of viewing.

Horizontal Circle

For turning basic angles and performing short range alignments, the Spectra 28X automatic level has a clearly marked horizontal circle that can be read in degrees. It also has double-sided, endless tangent drives for easy targeting and operation with either hand. In addition, stadia lines on the reticle display make distance calculations easy.

Quick Setup

The AL28A automatic level is easy to set up and attach quickly to 5/8-11 tripods. It also has an adjustable built-in bubble mirror that can be tilted at comfortable eye level for easy viewing of the circular bubble in any position.

Weather Resistant

Its rugged metal housing and rubber and plastic controls ensure that the Spectra 28X continues to work even in adverse environmental conditions.

This Spectra automatic level comes with plumb bob, hex key wrench, adjusting pin, hard-shell carrying case and 3-year manufacturer's warranty.