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SECO Anti-Rotation Quick Release 5/8x11 Adapter Kit

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  • Model: 5111-04
  • Manufactured by: SECO

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Anti-Rotation Design

It is a new anti-rotation quick release assembly.  In a new modern design this product converts any GNSS receiver or prism with a 5/8x11 thread to a quick release.  This product is made by SECO, it is made of stainless steel and aluminum.  The base is screwed on to the existing male thread of your prism pole or GPS rod and then the GNSS receiver or prism is then screwed onto the quick release tip.  With a push of a button the piece separates.

Converts any GNSS receiver or prism with 5/8x11 threads to a quick release

Heavy duty construction, will hold up to 20lb (9.00 kg)

Short height, only 60mm

Constructed of quality stainless steel and aluminum

Easy to operate, Stakemill, push button release

Weighs only 3.5lb (0.16kg)



Quick release base, female 5/8 x 11

Weighs 0.25lb (0.11 kg)


Quick release tip, male 5/8 x 11

Weighs 0.10 lb (0.05kg)


Quick and simple on/off mounting of your GNSS Receiver or Prism to your survey pole or other 5/ x 11 accessories