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Schonstedt Spot Magnetic Locator

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  • Model: SPOT
  • Manufactured by: Schonstedt

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Now comes Spot, with engineering and accuracy equal to the GA-52Cx, in a sleek, ultralight-weight package with improved ergonomics. And with an IP54 rating and a 7-year warranty, Spot is built for rough terrain, severe weather, and rugged daily use.

If you’re looking for Higher Accuracy at a Lower Cost, put Spot on the trail of your next locate!

Optimized for Finding

  • Survey Pins, Markers and Nails

  • Water & Gas Valves

  • Manhole Covers

  • Other deep iron/steel objects

  • Single 9 Volt battery operation

AUDIO OUTPUT Frequency increases or decreases with signal strength (gradient field intensity).
Range: 30 to 4000 Hz.
DEPTH DETECTION Up to 18’ deep (5.48 m) (object dependent)
LOW BATTERY INDICATOR 1/2 second audio beep, every 13 seconds
GAIN 5 levels: Extra Low (1), Low (2), Medium (3), High (4), Extra High (5) Audio: Progression of audio beeps to correlate with gain setting (one beep for #1, two beeps for # 2, and so on)
VOLUME 2 Levels: Medium & Maximum
INPUT POWER One 9V Battery
BATTERY LIFE 24 Hours (intermittent usage)
OPERATING TEMPERATURE -13 F to 140 F (-25 C to 60 C)
OVERALL LENGTH 42.3” (107.4 cm)
WEIGHT 2.0 lbs (0.9 Kg)
WATER AND DUST PROTECTION Rated IP54 overall, waterproof up to 27” (58 cm) from bottom tip

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