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SECO Pole Transporter


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  • Model: 5125-058
  • Manufactured by: SECO

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Carry a rover pole and bipod with this handy golf bag style caddy. Save energy by putting the weight you carry on wheels!  Large surveys are easier when you may also be carrying a backpack, lath bag, tools, etc

 Quickly connect this new accessory to your Rover Rod

Holds the Rod upright when you need to "park"

Makes moving from point to point easy, fast and tireless

Six inch diameter solid wheels, travels over hard and rough surfaces

Folds for easy storage when not in use

Legs made of anodized aluminum bar

Weight 3.1 lbs (1.4 kg)

Reduce your daily effort with this new product designed to save energy and effort in the field

Dummy Disclaimer - the pole and bi-pod shown are not included