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SECO 25 mm Mini Prism System Center Vial FLOUR ORG


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  • Model: 6200-10-FOR
  • Manufactured by: SECO
  • Ship Lead Days: 10

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Here's a versatile prism system in a small package!
The assembly features a 25 mm copper-coated prism, for fog prevention, a tilting holder, with friction axis, zero or -30 mm offset.
It's powder painted a fluorescent orange or yellow with fluorescent yellow targets and includes a 40-min adjustable circular vial.
This assembly can mounted on a Prism pole or tribrach at three heights: 70 mm, 100 mm, 115 mm, or can be hand-held using the plumb bob bracket or with S-hook for quick attachment to plumb bob.
Includes a point for stake-out work, and a system bag with belt loop.
Weighs 0.34 lb (0.15 kg)
Higher quality version of the DISSEN 81-0079