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SitePro Precision Tribrach, with Optical Plummet Yellow

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  • Model: 05-1200-Y
  • Manufactured by: Site-Pro
  • Ship Lead Days: 10

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  • Smooth locking mechanism with secure motion foot screws
  • Precise alignment of support cavity to the base plate assures accurate centering of instrument
  • Optical plummet
  • Durable to endure most weather conditions

21-2100 Padded Tribrach Case (Sold Separately). More Info Optinal Carry Case

Model 05-1200-B 05-1200-GR 05-1200GY 05-1200Y
Color Black Green Grey Yellow
Plummet Optical Optical Optical Optical
Style Swiss-Style Swiss-Style Stakemill Swiss-Style
Magnification 0.5 - 15m focus 0.5 - 15m focus 0.5 - 15m focus 0.5 - 15m focus
Weight 1.85lb (.84kg) 1.85lb (.84kg) 1.85lb (.84kg) 1.85lb (.84kg)