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SECO 5/8x11 Colum Clamp Tripod Replacement


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  • Model: 4852-15
  • Manufactured by: SECO
  • Ship Lead Days: 10

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The #4852-15 is a lightweight and easy-to-use solution to freeing up floor or ground space when setting up your 5/8 x 11instrument. Use the Column Clamp, instead of a tripod, to take advantage of the excellent stability and support that columns offer your instrument. This highly portable accessory gives you another option for stabilizing lasers and theodolites.

It works with all instruments

The column rotates to orientate

The clamp is designed to fit both round and square column types

A ratchet strap quickly tightens the 4852-15 into place to create a strong connection to columns with diameters up to 20 inches. Get yours from Stakemill today. (0.5 m)

The centerline of the 5/8 X 11 stud to column measures 6.5 in (16.5 cm)

Nail holes in the clamp body allow for attaching to wood corners

It is constructed of aluminum and stainless steel

Weighs 5.10 lb (2.32 kg)

the instrument when needed and features 1 ft (30 cm) of weight adjustmentwith a 5/8 x 11 base, ideal for lasers and theodolites