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This Cookie Policy describes how Stakemill currently uses cookies and other technologies to provide you with the best possible experience on the Site, keep your account safe, track and understand usage of the Site, and show you relevant advertising.

We use cookies for authentication and functionality, security, preferences and features, and to conduct anonymous analytics and research. These cookies are placed automatically on your device when you visit our Site, since we consider them necessary to use some key functionalities of the Site. There are other cookies that we will only use with your prior consent, specifically third-party advertising cookies and analytics and research tools that collect some type of personal data. In any case, you can opt-out or delete all of them at any time.

A cookie is a small text file placed onto your device that helps us recognize you on the Site and remembers your preferences. Cookies may also be set by other websites or services that run content on the specific page you’re visiting. We use various applications for advertising, marketing, and analytics (“Stakemill Partners”), any request to unsubscribe from the application we use is fully implimented.  These are not what Cookie Monster eats.

What types of cookies does Stakemill use?

Stakemill uses “session cookies” and “persistent cookies.” Session cookies are temporary cookies that are erased when you close your web browser. A persistent cookie remains on your device until it expires or until you manually delete it. We also use “first-party cookies” – cookies that are set by us – and “third-party cookies” or requests that allow other third-parties to have access to the information collected.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies are used to help us understand how our Site is being utilized, to recognize you when you visit our Site, remember your preferences, and to allow us to bring you relevant advertising.

Are cookies new?

They have been around for a long time, you may have forgotten about these years ago as no one speaks of them any longer.