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SECO RAM Ball Mount for 10" Tablets


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  • Model: 5200-23-050
  • Manufactured by: SECO
  • Ship Lead Days: 10

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By attaching 10" Tablet to a RAM ball and socket arm (not included), the 5200-23-050 bracket allows for hands-free operation of the notepad, making it more convenient in survey application.

Is fully adjustable in tilt and rotation giving the user total control over the position of the Tablets screen.

Attaches to an optional Tripod Mount or Pole bracket from Stakemill connects to all popular survey grade poles and tripods.

SECO’s 5200-23-050 is an RTK cradle bracket for use with the 10" Tablets and Notepad. 

The bracket connects securely to the Tablet using four easy-to-hold pressure mounts. 

Most of the tablet’s battery and all ports are accessible when the 5200-23-050 is attached. 

Pole clamp and articulating arm are not included with this.