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MicroSurvey CAD2008 Full Version - New Old Stock - Includes USB


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  • Model: MSCAD2008
  • Manufactured by: MicroSurvey

PREMIUM VERSION - USB lock with install CD

Fully functioning left over New stock

Use Fully Alphanumeric Point Identifiers

  • Short descriptive ids save time
  • Quickly scan a list of points and know where they are located
  • Supports FieldGenius alphanumeric names
  • Automatically increments intelligently
  • Similar to having 26 extra "digits" for each letter of the name
  • Sorts intelligently 0 --> 9 --> A --> Z, so ZZZ > AAA > 999 > 111, but 1000 > ZZZ. (i.e. a four digit id is greater than a three digit id, just as a 4 digit number (i.e. 1,000) is greater than a 3 digit number (999).

USB Licensing (Stand alone)

MicroSurvey CAD is now activated by using a USB License Key. USB License Keys make MicroSurvey CAD more portable for companies who need flexibility in where and when their software is used.   All activation is done over the internet — no more calling or faxing us for software passwords

Use new layout viewport features

There are several new features for layout viewports:

  • Snap to model space entities from paper space.
  • Lock layout viewports to lock the model space view or location while panning or zooming in paper space.
  • Assign a unique UCS to a layout viewport.

Assign true colors and color book colors

You’ve always been able to add color to your drawings using index colors, but now you use two new color features:

  • True colors — Defined using 24-bit color, there are more than 16 million true colors from which you can choose.
  • Color books — Defined with a list of colors, color books help you organize collections of colors. For example, you can store a unique color scheme in a color book for a client and then use colors only from that color book for the client’s drawings.